[___________] | By Ayo Sogunro

[a first flurry of text]

[fingers: at rest]



[someone: “What are you doing?”]

[ambient noise fills the evening]



[inspiration stays displayed on a blank face]

[blank words gather with the evening’s pace]



[s p a c e s]

[               ]


6 thoughts on “[___________] | By Ayo Sogunro

  1. the article made me laff,brought tears to my eyes and made me think all at the same time. no one could have articulated it more.God bless You for this write up.


  2. Thanks. For the advice u gave this son of a devil let him come out in the open and sing is father s praise again then he will understand how goliat fell in the hand of david. Omo osan to n ko ponpo ba iya e


  3. Thank you very much Mr. Ayo Sogunro for your replies to Sadiq Abacha and the sister. No other Nigerian could have said it better than you. Abacha’ children should realize that the name “Abacha” is cancer in Nigeria and many people do not want to hear it. Shame on Goodluck too for rewarding the Devil Abacha. Once again, thank you for job well done.


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