I’m different things to different people: a writer (an “African writer”), a social entrepreneur, a social critic, a human rights advocate and a Nigerian lawyer. There’s a nice citation from my “About.me”page on the right sidebar that you can use as a bio at formal events and literary shindigs.

I’m the author of three books and co-author of one.

My most recent books are the widely-acclaimed and popular short-stories, The Wonderful Life of Senator Boniface and other Sorry Tales; and the not-so-widely-acclaimed, but still popular, collection of critical essays: Everything in Nigeria is Going to Kill You.

Although I’m considered (sort of) infamous as a sociopolitical critic and writer among Nigerian youths, I was trained as a lawyer, and tend to think like one too. Not unusually, legal bits and pieces pop up in my writings. As a lawyer, I worked in high-profile international corporate law firms for some seven years—helping to build and maintain airports, hotel chains, shopping malls, factories, toll gates, roads and make banks richer—before I quit to, hopefully, dedicate more time to my social and intellectual pursuits on the premise that, in the end, one would regret the things that one desired to achieve, but didn’t do.

Ayo Sogunro

And so, I am currently researching for my doctoral degree at the University of Pretoria and I consult as a social entrepreneur and human rights worker, leveraging my skills as a lawyer and writer for the benefit of governmental and non-governmental organisations.  The articles and essays on this blog and elsewhere have earned me references in both local and international media, and have been published or mentioned in several Nigerian and foreign news outlets. So that you can get a sense of how serious things can get here: I’ve been interviewed by PEN America, Ebony Magazine, AFP, France 24, BBC Africa (t1412_ife_070o state some familiar names) on my (informed) opinions.

I also engage in some other neat stuff: supporting literary initiatives in Nigeria, judging kids’ writing competitions, contributing to local media discourse, writing for magazines and blogs, discussing human rights principles with NGOs, attending charity events, speaking at youth events, providing “first-aid” legal advice, teaching laymen a little about legal stuff, carrying placards when motivated, poking fun at politicians, etc—you get the picture. Some of these are paid, most are voluntary.

My personality is typed as an INTJ. Google that.

I’ve been told I’m generally inaccessible to friends and admirers, but I’m working on that.1412_ife_016

But if you need me in a hurry (that is, to invite me to share my views on a good platform, buy me a drink or get my bank account details), you can contact me.

That’s all the important information. Now you know me almost as well as my parents do. But, if you feel your curiosity hasn’t been satisfied, here are links to a few personal interviews online:

“I see myself as a writer first and then a lawyer second.”

Meet: Lawyer, writer and social commentator, Ayo Sogunro

#1PWInterview with Ayo Sogunro @ayosogunro

I don’t discuss my career, money or family on social media –Ayo Sogunro

Gerald Kraak Award Shortlist: A Dialogue with Ayodele Sogunro

These should be sufficient.


5 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. You’ve got a great website! Very easy on the eye, well designed.

    Personality-wise, I can always spot an introvert when I see one.
    I’ve not read any of your books yet but will order a copy from amazon.

    All the best.


  2. Interesting character you appear to be. To me it does appear the social critic side of you surpasses the essayist, however the imperative should also be about constructively criticisms as well as proffering solutions to the myriad of issues facing our country . At the end ‘insulating yourself ‘ seeks putting self above nationhood.


  3. Well, I followed you on twitter so I decided to read about you. You are such constructive writer and thinker.i most appreciate you works.I hope someday I would have an opportunity to meet you and also in my local community here as we are working towards greater goal of building of hope and love .
    Thank you sir , for doing what you are called to do .


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