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Congratulations, straight Nigerian, this article is for your benefit. Now that the Same-Sex Marriage Act has been signed, you can breathe easy—or so you think. Well, not so fast—and the following paragraphs will explain why.

However, as is usual in my articles of this controversial nature, I will assume you are a reasonable Nigerian (maybe one who hates homosexuality a tad—or even a whole lot—that’s fine) but not one who thinks stoning a homosexual person to death is some sort of divine injunction—or that armed robbers are preferable to lesbians. If you’re the latter type of person, don’t bother reading this article, there are more important things for you to do: like amending your new law to allow you to directly murder gays and rape lesbians and save costs on the whole jailing thing.

But for the rest of you, well meaning, straight Nigerians, here are a few things that you should get—well, straight—about the new anti-gay law. So you can keep up with me, download a copy of the Same Sex Bill here.

1. The Law Is Not About Marriage: Fine, the proper name of the law is titled “Same Sex Marriage Act” and the general rationale from the sponsors of the bill is something to the effect that “gay marriage” was a devaluation of African and religious family values and similar nice sounding ideas taken right out of the holy books—which sounds like divorce ought to be a crime too, though nobody seems to mind that. But don’t be deceived by the PR, the anti-gay law is just that: an anti-gay law. As a matter of fact, homosexual marriage has always been invalid in Nigeria since British rule—this so-called innovation is simply about punishing homosexuality. Let’s start with s.1(1) of the law: “Marriage contract or civil union entered between persons of same gender is hereby prohibited in Nigeria”. Did you notice the “civil union” part? That means, even non-marital relationships are prohibited and criminalised. And just to drive the point home—in case you’re still arguing from the “marriage” angle—the law goes on to describe “civil union” to include: “independent relationships, caring partnership, civil solidarity pacts, domestic partnerships, reciprocal beneficiary relationships, significant relationships”, and a host of other non-existent types of relationships borne out of a level of paranoia that is matched only by the political system’s level of corruption. In short, gay/lesbian relationships of any type are criminalised—whether marital or not. And this is why, before the President could even pocket his signing pen, Bauchi State had already arrested people under the fresh law. Did these people organise a marriage ceremony while the law was being signed? If that is not proof that this has nothing to do with marriage, then you tell me what is proof.

And the next time some religious person argues  for the law on the premise that marriage should be only between a man or a woman, ask the person: “Fine, but what about a reciprocal beneficial relationship?”

Whatever the hell that means.

2. The Law Doesn’t Care About Deterring Homosexuality: See, ordinarily, an activity becomes worthy of criminal status when people keep reporting to the police that it has begun to affect them negatively. And so it becomes necessary to deter that rampant activity. Crimes don’t come out of the blue—they are a result of problematic activity in a society. Well, this law is not deterring gay marriage because gay marriage isn’t an activity in Nigeria. It’s not even deterring gay relationships because gay relationships are virtually secret in Nigeria. Secret to the point of non-existent. Instead, it is a witch-hunting law—one that punishes people whose opinions differ, even if the said opinions are not causing any problems. The law is a solution to a non-existent problem. Take, for example, s.4(1): “The registration of gay clubs, societies and organisations, their sustenance, processions and meetings are hereby prohibited.” Meetings? Even armed robbers are not guilty of merely “meeting”. A meeting—and nothing more—doesn’t even hurt a fly. That’s like jailing union leaders for meeting to discuss a strike—in a democracy. Come on, they were probably meeting to discuss how not to be gay in a homophobic country! The law isn’t interested in the substance of the meeting; it is only interested in jailing the attendees.

And if anyone should be jailed for meetings that harm the country, it should be the Federal Executive Council!

3. The Law Punishes YOU, Even If You’re Definitely Straight: Take s.5(3), which is probably the most unfair punishment ever given to anybody for just being nice to another person: “Any persons or group of persons that witnesses, and aids the solemnisation of a same sex marriage contract or civil union or supports the registration of gay clubs, societies and organisations, processions or meetings in Nigeria commits an offence and liable on conviction on conviction to a term of 10 years imprisonment.” Here’s the deal: You will go to jail for 10 years, because you were cool enough to look the other way when you saw women making out. Why? Because you supported a same-sex civil union. In short, you will get jailed for having an opinion differing from the government’s opinion. You get jailed for being a reasonable straight person. Remember the “meetings” part? You will be sentenced to 10 years in jail for supporting a meeting. In other words: report any gay/lesbian persons and activity or go to jail with them. Don’t forget, the law isn’t limited to marriage—it affects other types of homosexual relationships.

Summary: This law also affects heterosexual relationships. Because God wants to see straight people sent to jail for refusing to be judgmental.

 4. The Law Doesn’t Safeguard You: Fine, so you’re straight through and through. And fine, you have no problem about informing on gay people in your neighbourhood—in fact, you are positively excited about this particular civic duty. But what happens when YOU are accused by someone else? See, there are no standards of proof beyond being involved in a “civil union”, a phrase whose definition means a whole lot of nonsense. Take s. 4(2): “The public show of same sex amorous relationship directly or indirectly is hereby prohibited.” “Same sex amorous relationship”. This means, kissing, hugging, hand-holding, or other forms of affectionate—amorous—contact between the same gender is now prohibited in Nigeria. If you think this is a safe risk, wait till you are arrested and then try to prove otherwise. Maybe, a judge may ultimately find you not guilty, but think of the Nigerian justice system, and you will shiver at what powers to investigate your sexual life has been handed over to the Nigerian police.

5. The Law Is Set Up To Violate Privacy: In case, you didn’t know it, here’s what s.37 of the Nigerian Constitution assures every Nigerian: “The privacy of citizens…is hereby guaranteed and protected” which is a principal reason policemen are not allowed to spy into your bedroom without a warrant. Now, instead, the anti-gay law states in s.5(2) that “Any person who…directly or indirectly make a public show of same sex amorous relationship commits an offence and shall each be liable on conviction to a term of 10 years imprisonment.” Now, tie that law to the police powers of investigation and you will get the problem in at least 4 steps.

Step 1: the law ordinarily permits the police to investigate and arrest a person suspected of committing an offence in Nigeria.

Step 2: It is now an offence in Nigeria to directly or indirectly display same sex affection.

Step 3: the police (or someone else) is suspicious that you are committing this offence and the police wants to investigate your sexual life—to prove you’re not gay.

Step 4: There goes your private life.

Now, repeat Steps 1 to 4. This time between a male police officer and a female suspect.

6. The Law Is Plain Weird, Even By Nigerian Standards: Just take the basics, simple definitions: the definition of “civil union” isn’t closed, and can legitimately mean two girls sharing an apartment; “amorous relationship” is not defined and so even heterosexual greetings can be maliciously interpreted as the expression of a homosexual relationship; words like “support”, “meetings” are used carelessly without defined categories and exceptions; the burden of proof is not stated; the law does not provide for categories of unintentional or “inadvertent” offenders; and worse—it is a retrospective, and even retroactive, law—a type of law strongly disapproved of by our constitution. In summary, it’s a very lazy law—the kind a mob will hurriedly put together just to legalise their murderous instincts. But, you see, you can’t amend such a law to take care of these issues—because they deal with private matters that are difficult to enforce by the public without sacrificing people in the process.

And that is why every sensible legal system understands that what goes on in a person’s underwear is not the business of the law—to the extent that person hasn’t dragged in an unwilling third party.

But Nigeria has never been noted for being sensible.


Ayo Sogunro is the author of the infamous The Wonderful Life of Senator Boniface and other Sorry Tales. Follow or mention him on Twitter for direct interaction via @ayosogunro.



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  2. Are majority of Nigerian’s sensible?????? majority are just blindsided by the “Word”(which ever they want to believe in), cultures and traditions that they shun when its suits them,
    and only follow said traditions and scream culture to be part of the scene/joneses ,,,,
    or most importantly stop to think when they see, document, partake and not question the sensibility and justification when witnessing mob justice (for what ever reason)?
    Gay people in Nigeria have the same needs and wants of every other Nigerian,.
    .a government that is accountable,
    a country that functions and constitution that allows them to live in peace! they not interested in pride marches, or marriage or unions at this stage. the continent is still very myopic and just the stigma, makes you learn how to live within the system!
    all this is political point scoring pure and simple and some have to suffer!


    • The same lies that were championed by same sex activists in US. They started with “legalize the act” -> “legalize same sex marriage” -> “legalize forceful teaching of the act as normal” -> “legalize same sex adoption” -> “legalize discrimination against Christians speaking the truth” -> “legalize pedophilia”. Soon, it’ll be “legalize beastiality” -> “legalize incest” -> “legalize stonosexuality (relationship with non-living things)” etc.
      This law prevents these. 5 nations have fallen, US is next if it doesn’t change.


  3. You sound really hurt and worried about this bill. We STRAIGHT & UNVIOLATED folks are neck too deep in our convictions for you to try and STIR us with this tepid article.

    Keep trying. You will continue to FAIL in your quest to evangelise your DEVILISH, SODOMICAL gospel. And thats a prophecy.


    • I am completely and totally straight I am anti gay but the words of this law are just plain crazy and full of loop holes. Do you realise by the words of this law you can’t hug a friend you haven’t seen in a long time? And that is just the tip of the iceberg


      • Where does it say that in this law? Please read it first. It only prohibits ‘armorous’ contact, which is similar to making out with your lover in public. This is something even heterosexuals dont do in Nigeria, so I don’t think theres a problem with this. Or what kind of ‘hug’ do you want to give your friend again?


      • Pls read the law again and explain to us how one shows amorous relationship indirectly, Also read the interpretation clause under the definition of civil union and explain to me how enforcement of such will not affect the straight ones. Tell me how are you to prove that my friend that I’m sharing a flat with is not my sex partner abi now we have to have male room mates and flats mates just to prove we are straight? Guy read that law again and this timedon’t use the literal interpretation style but go to the spirit of the law. The law was just poorly drafted and full of loopholes and extraneous matters like I said earlier.



  5. God bless you Sir!
    Nigerians have never, and probably will never think through anything, or allow those who have done so educate them.
    This is why things never get better, and why it is my honest advice that we either abandon ship or hire more proficient individuals to rule. I recommend the Swiss.


  6. A very candid and nice write up.
    In the last few days I have read all sorts of vitriolic slurs and vile slanders against anyone who speaks in opposition of the anti-gay laws–that would make yahoos and troglodytes look like philosophers in comparison.

    And sometimes I have to wonder why we Nigerians have problems with hate and intolerance. Apart from acidic corruption, 15 years of democracy rather than making us civilized and free, has turned us to is a conglomerate of bigots and barbarians!
    Its as if we leaped back 1,000 years behind in our thinking and approach.

    This anti-gay law is just a convenient dodge. A sick cop-out. A cheap attempt to sidetrack Nigerians from the real issues in the nation and a pitiful gag to escape the reality of a failed leadership.

    Many straight dudes gloat that this evil law would wipe out homosexuality within years. I have to chuckle at this asinine remark. It will infact strengthen it.
    When you try to force people underground, they spring up and develop immunity and resistance to you. Its a law of nature. And thats why we are yet to eliminate diseases from the earth inspite of our increased Scientific exploits.

    What exactly has been done to the bisexuals who sexually exploit young people at the corridor of power?
    What has been done to the many boys who have been sexually brutalized by the men in power.

    I recently applied for a job somewhere, a Federal Government sector. And guess what the man at the top only saw my pix and he said he would help me on one condition–to warm his bed.
    He has tasted so many guys who applied for that job–including the man who introduced me to him. My friend said he had to “get passed” around before he could reach the level in which he is now in that office.

    Where is the job out there? After 5 years of mental labour in the University, with aging parents and years sliding away and University strikes that impedes Masters program? Tell me, who will not fall for the offer of a lucrative salary?

    And many of these guys warm his bed and go to their wives and girlfriends and the wave continues.
    Nigeria hasnt addressed the main issues and I see a storm brewing fiercely.


  7. I personally have nothing against homosexuals -well, that’s as long as they stay as far away from me as possible to deter any amorous thoughts they may entertain about me. This caveat obviously excludes the female type (lol).

    The above not withstanding I still I am all for making sure homosexuality remains illegal in Nigeria. This is basically because I fear that if they are given the inch of legalizing gay unions, they will go for the mile of fighting for the right to adopt children next.

    That was the roadmap that was followed in the US and everywhere else that gay rights have been legalized.

    I believe homosexuality is unnatural and should not be encouraged by allowing them adopt children who were born as a result of a natural union between a man and woman. People are not born gay -they become gay. A child raised by a gay couple is more likely to become gay than not.

    This is the chief problem I have with homosexuality.


    • hi nerd. do u stay away from every girl that is not interested in you? do you entertain amorous thoughts only about women who find you attractive? i believe your answer to these questions are no and yes, so why the double standard? be honest you do have something against homosexuals. you think you are better than them because you are straight and “natural”. why not just say that? you need to figure out why you feel the need to start your comment with “I have nothing against homosexuals”.

      as regards adoption, homosexuals in Nigeria were raised by heterosexual couples.
      that didn’t seem to stop them from catching the “gay” disease. Given that trend, straight couples should not be able to adopt either. it is easy to judge when your judgement does not involve any sacrifice on your part. you are not the child that will spend his life in an orphanage instead of a loving home. you are not the PERSON that is forced to live your life in secret. the word person is in all caps because we tend to forget that a lot. Gay people are people too.

      I understand the emotional aspect to your views but I implore you to look beyond that and really try to understand why you detest a group of people so passionately. i don’t have a problem with you hating gay people, we are free to hold whatever beliefs we want but don’t give this half baked reasons for damning the entire existence of a person. conscience demands that you at least have a good reason.

      @ayo this is absolutely remarkable. i just hope people learn to read and think critically. blind follower-ship is worse than bad leadership.


      • @Him: one question I have for you is “do you plan to adopt children with your partner if Nigeria legalizes same sex unions?” if you don’t then please go ahead and be gay. For now keep it in the closet as it is against the laws of our land.

        I do not know any culture that embraced homosexuality from the beginning; not even the leader of the so-called free world. It is not a religious thing; every single civilization resisted homosexuality because it is an aberration of every known natural law. Like poles repel and unlike poles attract -SIMPLE!

        Like the civil rights movement, gays fought to be accepted in America and only when they had become a large enough political bloc to influence elections did they get the recognition they craved. So keep going at it and you just may get there some day.

        Let America and the rest of the so-called free world make all the noise they want, but they must let us find our own way. They can not make laws for themselves and make for others too


    • Hi Nerd, I like to have discussions with folks like you as it would keep me from getting worked-up by those who have decided to take abeyance of their brains. Thus, I do hope you still have an open mind (and heart) on this issue.

      While I also lean on the opinion that Nigeria, nay Africa, is not ready for legalization of same unions yet, this law is not about that (as Ayo has elegantly shown in this article). The law does not ban homosexuality but rather criminalizes it – you’ll agree that such criminalization is absurd, no? And the law is so nebulous, we’re yet to begin to fully appreciate its ramifications – Ayo’s article is just a start.

      Now, you raised two reasons for your support to making sure that:

      homosexuality remains illegal in Nigeria.

      You belief homosexuality is unnatural? I also “believe” that albinism might be unnatural but that’s absurd, no? So, it’s not about your/my belief, it’s about facts – scientific, objective facts. So here you go, educate yourself

      As for your claim that “a child raised by a gay couple is more likely to become gay than not.” Again, that’s just your prejudice as it’s not backed up by the available research thus far. Again, educate yourself here and here (the second link is a pdf file).

      I hope you take it up from those wikipedia links and use the references to read up and become less ignorant on these issues. I no longer think that ignorance is just a disease rather, it’s a virulent evil that turns otherwise wonderful people into hateful bigots and paranoid lunatics.

      NB: I don’t believe that albinism is unnatural – I wrote that in jest, to pass a point across. Thanks!


  8. I’m surprised at many of you on here. You are dillusional and blinded by western habits. I must say that this is a poor poor article by ayo shogunro. It lacked focrum. However the law is structured is not the real issue here.What it depicts is..Ngeria is one of the very few country that sees Homosexuality as a crime. It should remain that way. Many of you are cajouled to see reasons for a fair deal on the issue, hiding under the shadows of Human Rights. My question to all of you is: If we are to give homosexuality a fair trial because of Human Rights, Do you have any rights restraining those who like to do it with Animals?! Homosexuality is a Crime in Nigeria!! Live with it! or rather you go somewhere else were Gays&Lesbians are given fair treaments.


    • point of correction. Nigeria is one of the MANY countries that see homosexuality as a crime. our views are far from unique.

      when you call something like this a poor article it would be nice to include a link to what you think is a really good article. that way we can evaluate the metrics used in reaching this decision.

      why do we feel we must restrain people from doing what does not affect us? have we so completed the task of restraining ourselves from all the evils we commit that we must spend our free time judging the lives of others? the greatest jihad (holy struggle) is with ones self. many gay people struggle with their sexuality. they have a hard enough time as it is.

      i am very interested in your phrase”cajoled to see reason” are you really comfortable in a world where people are expected to be unreasonable by default unless cajoled? you either see it or you don’t. its definitely not this comment I am making that will make you see it. this comment is for others who are open to seeing reason.


  9. Bravo! Well said. No matter what your personal convictions on the subject are, this law is in abject and flagrant disregard for basic human rights.


  10. Ok now you people are fighting for gay rights, who will fight for incest rights biko. I love my father and I want to marry him or is that wrong while gay is right. Its my right as a human being o. Biko help me out dear ayo. You seem so compassionate extend it to those of us who love our families, not normal love o, the type gay ppl love.


    • Are you serious? You’re comparing incest, a relationship that could result in a retarded or stunted child (in the case of it being a heterosexual pairing) to a relationship between to unrelated adults of the same gender? BRAVO
      And you also think that love has to forms: the normal and the abnormal?
      🙂 You’ve made my day lol


      • The point is not technicality, its about acceptability. As in, if one practice which was unacceptable previously is now okay, shall we be fair and apply the same measure to others which are also currently frowned upon?
        Its actually an interesting proposition, how far will we go once the chain starts? Which other interest group dyakl we accede to in the name of ‘freedom of whom to love’? After all, everyone has their fundamental human rights to defend, …right?


  11. I have been embroiled in all forms of arguments about the new anti-gay law since it was assented to and despite my homophobic stance, I still think the law was made in bad taste.

    The law actually presents more problems than it solves as Ayo has pointed out and reading through the bill, I consider it a shoddy job.

    However, I see the law as a response to the massive campaign by gay rights groups and supporters in trying to decieve the world that it is not an unnatural and abnormal behaviour. Lots of Africans with whom I’ve conversed with on the topic, apart from their need to be seen as liberal, have never given me any tangible reason why there’s a sudden campaign that homosexuality is an alternative lifestyle.

    Have we forgotten that until the early 80’s or so, it was considered a mental disease? Between then and now, what changed is still a mystery.

    In conclusion, if polygamy which is a firm African practice is considered a crime in the US, I see no reason why Nigeria cannot enact laws against homosexuality because it is viewed as an abberration. My only worry is that the political class has played a fast one on us once again by passing the law on a highly emotional subject in record time to derail us from the real issues.

    Nice write up as always Ayo.


    • Have u forgotten that until some few decades ago, blacks were considered inferior to whites and were sold and treated for trash even in their own country? That up until one generation ago, blacks could not vote in the US or in South Africa? Were these unnatural occurrences? They were legal practices because they were legislated upon and voted FOR! Now, what changed between then and now, I ask? Weren’t there people who fought vehemently FOR the practice of slavery, “official racism” or apartheid to continue? Do you know/recognize what battles were fought over years to correct those wrongs?

      Your argument is so fundamentally flawed. It doesn’t matter so much on which side we are. Gay rights, like every other discrimination fought every/any where in the world will come to pass. As long as they are human beings, born free and equal like the rest of us and do not violate any body else’s fundamental rights/security.

      Christ! The black race, precisely, should be the last to be discriminating against one of theirs in the name of religion that was brought upon by the same white men u claim to be foisting gay rights on us. Open your eyes.

      Just some donkey years ago, we were killing twins on our own land. We would have hailed the “twin-killing bill” were we still back in the day. And yet, we complain about the rest of the world… Of ALL the myriad problems we have in the country, to be championing daft causes on account of our so called morality. The pretence stinks!


  12. [long comment alert]

    First, I disapprove of Homosexuality (you can stop reading if you’re too disappointed) 🙂 . Not that I hate gays and lesbians or anybody (my faith makes no room at all for hate), but I believe their lifestyle (what you call orientation) will lead to more harm than good (if any good at all) for us all.

    Second, I’m a Christian (not perfect, yes, but I try to live as best as I can each day), so I have a bias (probably a strong one) as the bible condemns homosexuality in no uncertain terms. It’s okay to see faith (if you like religion) as primitive and inferior to ‘your science’, but there are uncomplicated faith principles on many real life matters (eg. marriage, family) that have produced far more positive results than (the sophisticated and complicated) scientific findings have.

    I believe ‘the Creator’ has made scientific wisdom available to benefit man, but man is able to choose and use the wisdom/knowledge as he pleases. So for individuals (or societies) where liberty will have no limits, where pleasure is their god and where restraint (no matter what form it comes) is seen as old school, I shouldn’t really be surprised that heterosexual relationships only would be seen as limiting and boring. All hail the spirit of adventure!

    The term, “Sexual Pervert” will soon be old school, sorry extinct. And I will equally classify those calling Paedophiles and people who have sexual relations with animals, perverts or sick, hypocrites!

    A ‘sexual orientation’ like Polygamy 🙂 has been outlawed long ago in the, so called, more enlightened climes. I guess when they discover it’s just a sexual orientation, they’ll unban it, right? Polygamy, to me, needs more sympathy than homosexuality (and come to think of it, the female population seems to need it…lol). And paedophiles are gaining ground and other related interests are pushing for adult age to be like 14 (I mean places in Europe) – seeking legalization for perversion.

    In the 70s in the US, homosexuality was seen as a mental disorder; today, paedophilia is, tomorrow (a few year’s time), a pro-gay activist’s 🙂 kid (not mine 😀 ) may have to live with being raped by a human being 🙂 with a sexual orientation called Paedophilia …lol…actually, not funny.

    Soon Marijuana, ‘igbo’ and other substance ‘abuse’ will be legal in Nigeria in the name of pleasure, science and human rights…it will all be 2 steps forward and 100 backward. If an epidemic broke out as a result of homo activity in the US, they’ll cope far better than we could ever dream of as against if it happened here (and it won’t affect homos only). We need to tread with caution. I need our Pro-Gay activists to consider the flip side to these things and not just do #FollowFollow.

    On the law, I think in a democracy setting, it’s questionable. The law is not likely to reduce the number of homos though. The only positive I can take from the law is that (Nigerian) media will not be a tool in the hands of people introducing such ideas, suggesting what’s not to normal teenagers and young folks…at least for a while. Also on the “Civil Union” which Mr Sogunro hammered on, I don’t think it’s as open ended as he has suggested. I know I’m not a ‘learned’ one like him but a simple googling of “Civil Union” makes it look like he’s ‘over-exaggerating’ to pass across his point (I stand to be corrected). And yeah, I understand that our lawmakers and leaders can’t be trusted. And I don’t think anyone is arguing that there are other far more crucial bills that should have been signed. We also should realize that democracy and the law is far from perfect.

    (I see the comment is far longer than I planned, sorry to bore you) 🙂

    To conclude, I believe homosexuality is NOT NATURAL nor healthy. I think it is as a result of some form of social conditioning or the other. Just like a man may find his wife no more attractive and may look to his underage daughter, a company of men that may have had failures having heterosexual relationships may ‘suddenly’ receive ideas and try it out, and enjoy it – many enjoyable things lead to an earlier grave. Even animals that are said to manifest homosexuality don’t seem to do so without some influence or conditioning of some sort, and even if they do, we no be animal na!

    I could go on…but I guess these are enough points to contribute to the discussions. Apart from my faith bias, I just think it’s wiser to tread with caution. Ok, bye…later, maybe.


    • you object to homosexuality as a christian that is perfectly fine. i object to gambling as a muslim also fine but Baba Ijebu is not illegal in Nigeria.

      u can’t pick and choose when you are ok with the progression of the human race. once we lived in caves now we don’t that’s fine by you. once women couldn’t vote now they can still ok by you. once blacks were slaves even in their own land now they are not i’m sure you think that rocks. well that’s how the evolution of thought works. once homosexuality was seen as a mental illness now it is not. DEAL WITH IT!

      as arguments and findings on other aspects of life evolve, we will deal with them. clinging to logically flawed ideas out of fear is bad for your health man and it’s bad for the earth.

      btw polygamy is not a sexual orientation and yes the term sexual pervert should be extinct and replaced with less judgmental vocabulary.


      • Polygamy is not a sexual orientation (for now 🙂 ) …but just like homosexuality and paedophilia, science may have other ides in the near future. And like you said about Baba Ijebu not being criminal, polygamy too seems to fall in the same class (private business, consenting adults, etc), isn’t it…That makes our beloved oyinbos too hypocrites and illogical, with double standards! Creating a law based on religious and cultural ideas…double standards.

        I wonder if you read that I find the law undemocratic though, …oh, it’s difficult reading that because I already stated I do not support homosexuality, I totally get… 🙂 Issorai

        That homosexuality isn’t a mental illness is your opinion. I’ll stick to mine for now – deal with it! lol …and about vocabulary, we’ll need less judgemental vocabs for rapists too shei? 😉


    • I don’t understand how polygamy found it’s way in here. It’s not a criminal offence to be in a polygamous relationship, last I checked in the states. Heck, there are places like Utah where it’s legal. For most states though, the relationship won’t be legally recognized, but you won’t get arrested for it either, as long as your all adults. And how can polygamy become a sexual orientation when the terms heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual exist?


  13. I’m a Nigerian Born American Liven in 9ja for 18 years before moving out to the states and I visit quite often. Lets ignore the FACT that the problems our country face are a bit more serious than who Adam and Steve and focus on this “Same Sex Marriage Act” for a sec…
    One of my favorite poems has a quote that says “ignorance is bliss and people know this so people take PRIDE in not knowing”. unfortunately Nigerians have been so blinded by the ‘BELIEFS” that they will tell you to your face ‘they don’t care about the FACTS”
    First off Being “GAY” is more natural than you can imagine! This idea that it is a lifestyle or that it is a sickness of some sort really baffles me! For the love of Christ., there are animals that practice homosexual acts, According to biological reserch, at least 1500 SPECIES out there practice gay acts, which means they were simply born that way. There are Sheep, Monkeys, quite a list of mammals and other animals that engage in this act. it is NOT a lifestyle, or a sickness or a “CHOICE” just like some men are born to be attracted to Girls, some are born to be attracted to men and vice versa
    Now, I understand it is an undesirable act in our society, BUT if at all it is possible, please try to suspend your ‘RELIGIOUS” beliefs for a second and think logically. imagine back when we were invaded by the British, the slave trade days… and DECADES preceding it. White people were CONVINCED that being Black is unnatural. That being Black means you were inferior. I mean they enslaved US because of that idea. They had Biblical verses to back up their claims! take a second and think! How is this Persecution against ‘GAYS’ any different? we don’t like it, it makes us uncomfortable, MOST of us aren’t gay SO it must be wrong.. THINK
    Now MOST of you have a religious base for your position on the issue. lets explore that for a sec. “CHRISTIANS” the ONLY place in the Bible where homosexuality was mentioned is the Old testament. JESUS NEVER made mention of this supposed treacherous abomination, so imagine my confusion when it’s quite clear that Jesus came to rid us of the old testament (Basically) preaching Forgiveness as opposed to “an eye for an eye” asking us to “love our neighbors as ourselves”, yet people are quick to quote the “OLD TESTAMENT” with reference to this supposed “sin”. Now here’s the sad part about “Christians” you all tend to pick and choose what parts of the Bible you wish to follow. You say u forgive because Jesus preaches forgiveness, you don’t think having a girl Braid her hair or wearing Gold is a sin, you ONLY Love your neighbor if they are like you, U eat pork, you work on Sunday if you have to, you Live your life picking and choosing what parts of the Bible suits it. so PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP about Homosexuality being wrong when the MESSIAH, JESUS CHRIST asked us to love our neighbors as ourselves and the ONLY place homosexuality was mentioned is in the Old testament.
    thank you 🙂




  14. Dont mind the stack illiterate nigerian politician… that are all gay, they go around sleeping with young guys.

    Talking about gays in Nigeria. . There are very little population in Nigeria thay are gay and 99.9 % and in closet so I dont know why it bother Nigeria so much.. even someone is gay.. it does not affect a straight person in anyway,

    Talking about adopting children, how many Nigeria adopted children. .. to be sincere is lack of knowledge that some law get passed without masses dont know the implication of the passed law.

    Illiteracy is a disease indeed…


  15. I have no problems with homosexuality two consenting adults are welcome to do what they please (notice my use of the word consenting, for the people who like to compare homosexuality with bestiality and pedophilia).

    Look up the definition of “intersex” I am not saying that gay people are all intersex, what I am saying is there are genetic and physical manifestations which do not allow people to be simply classed as male or female who are Gods creations, some are brought up as one sex by parents and later decide that they are more aligned with the opposite sex or both sexes.
    Who is to say this is not also a mental state without physical manifestations resulting in persons being attracted to the same sex.

    Even if some one decides to be gay, what is the big deal? If you are “straight” why are you so concerned with what goes on in some one else’s bedroom, or are you keen to remove all possible avenues of temptation?

    Furthermore we are talking about a country where some individuals feel it is okay to use christianity to demonise children as witches, why wouldn’t the same ignorants persecute gays. (I purposely used a small “c” for christianity, for when it is used in this manner that is all it deserves)

    If you want to use religion to support your arguments, criminalise adultery and theft, that would put all of Nigeria’s Government in jail past, present and possibly future! Though I like to think there is hope for the future.

    With regards to adoption most gay children come from heterosexual unions, so you have nothing to fear there!

    All of you in support, pray your neighbour does not take a dislike to you and report you to the authorities for homosexual activities, then you will know what it really feels like to take one from behind!!!


  16. Ok I have read lots of comments. Some I agree with and some I don’t.all I need to know is when you choose to be a gay, that moment you know you have forfeit the opportunity of givivg birth, so why do you feel the need to adopt again? If you want a baby then get married to the opposite sex and produce babies. Also talking about rights, how do you know the baby you are adopting will not grow up and hate the fact that he or she was raised by two men. How do you know she won’t hate it and feel intimidated by it ?
    Again lets look at it from a parent’s perspective. You have just a son,you are wealthy and famous in your society and you have a reputation to protect,will you be so proud to tell people that your only don is gay? The hope of expecting a grandchild is DENTED. we all have the freedom of being what we choose to be, but somethings ain’t just right.
    Even in the US and UK where it is legal to be gay, top personalities and sport men will have to wait until they are retired before they come out? What are they ashame of ? If its right then why don’t they just say and get on with their lives. After retiring in September, Thomas Hitzlsperger said some days ago that I think now is the right time to declare he his gay. If its something you are supposed to be proud of, why is he ashamed and afraid when he was still playing. Mr Ayo tell me how will you feel if your younger brother or any of your children walks up to you and say I AM GAY. you will say ok no problem. Right ?


    • Thomas Hitzlsperger and a million other Nigerians keep their sexual orientation a secret because people like you will demonize them for it. They are not ashamed. They are coming out now because it takes courage to face this judgmental world and i am happy the world is changing even if Nigeria is going in the other direction.

      Many hetrosexual people cannot have children. should they just give up too? by the way a gay man can impregnate his lesbian friend and have a normal healthy unadopted child. I think you have to challenge yourself a little more when you frame these thoughts in your head. gay people did not spring from the earth. they were raised and nurtured by the generation that instilled so much hate in you. that is just the reality.

      @your question: how do you know she won’t hate it and feel intimidated by it ? you don’t know. but you don’t know so many things about raising children. ask the parents of gay people, they sure as hell didn’t plan on raising them to be gay. all a parent (gay or straight) can do is provide sustenance, love and support to their child. Teach them to love and be good people. the rest will happen as it happens. the child that is denied to the gay couple may grow up in an orphanage and turn out to be murderer. is that a better outcome?

      if i have a problem with my brother or son being gay that’s my problem not his. He still has a life to live.


    • childbirth
      child hatred
      social impact
      To your 1st point: Being homosexual does not mean NOT desiring to have a child. There’s no link. What being gay affects is the manner in which a person/couple can have a child. A gay guy knows he has to adopt or find a surrogate. A lesbian knows she to has find someone to impregnate her, adopt or use artificial insemination. There are heterosexuals who don’t want children, does that make them gay heterosexuals? (now that would be a weird breed!)

      To your 2nd point: As far as child-parent relationship, even heterosexuals parents have children who hate them. Many factors affect a child’s relationship with the parents. You can’t isolate one factor, the outcome of which is not even certain, and decide the result will always be negative.

      To your 3rd point: it is for the wealthy parent of an LGBT to decide how it affects him/her and his reputation, not for us to decide. “We all have the freedom of being what we choose to be, but somethings ain’t just right” – do you realize how inherently negating this statement is?

      To your 4th point: homosexuality, and related lifestyles, being legal doesn’t mean it is universally accepted in that society. Lots of legal and illegal things (e.g marijuana) are frowned upon by some yet loved by others. But, the law aids in tempering society’s its conduct towards that legal/illegal thing. Not given the thumbs up to let loose bloodlust.

      Check out my article on same sex marriage and Nigerian culture: Of Public Piety and Private Putrescence: What does the Anti-gay Law Say About Nigerians”


  17. As usual most of our laws are not well thought out which gives useless loopholes to the likes of Yerima and his irks to wiggle out trash to us.

    Our overzealous uneducated law enforcement officer will have field day ramming us into jail soon. Good job for pointing out the lapses and uselessness of the antigay law.
    Cheap popularity someone is looking for is already a failure in my opinion though.


  18. The anti-gay law is a trap, and the government fell into it. If we find homosexuality so appalling here, what we should have done was to ignore them. From the moment the government gave them the slightest form of attention, I feared this was going to happen. I am a proudly straight Nigerian who cringes at the idea of homosexuality; but if my neighbour is gay I wouldn’t see it as any of my business, as long as he understands that I’m straight and he doesn’t make any passes at me… I’d still realte freely with him on other matters. What the government just did is give the gay community (or gay people, I can’t say they’re much of a community in Nigeria) a common cause to fight for, i.e., a reason to exist. And if eventually a gay person suffers extreme persecution because of the law, then the true purpose of the law will be defeated.


  19. from all the shit I read, it makes sense only in the worldvie homosexuals. a goat will always move with a goat, a gay will always know their clique, nobody is born a homosexual:- it is a bad habit you grow with, the devil is the master of me evil illusions, you get deceived and assume you were born to 4k your fellow sex. it is not written in the religious books that same sex ever exceeded for God – fearing people!


  20. I always try to avoid this particular debate, but as you can imagine, it is difficult to do. Now, I do not support any form of legislation directed solely at the homosexual community. I think the best thing the government can do in the circumstance is to steer clear of those issues – but there is a proviso to that, and that is the discretion of the LGBT community.

    It is in the best interests of the LGBT community to avoid the public eye. Not because we (well, the rest of us) think they are lesser humans or we harbor hatred towards them, but because, whether we like it or not, our society still retains certain values flagrant disregard of which society will fight back at. We are a deeply religious society, no matter how hypocritical that sounds. Every public and most private functions begin with a Christian and/or Muslim prayer. Besides, we are a mostly conservative society, at least the older generations are, and they hold power (for now).

    Before I drift off from the points I am trying to make, I should just highlight them one after the other:
    1. This is not Europe or America. It will pay us to remember what values our society still holds on to (pretentious as they may be) and bear it in mind in presenting our arguments.

    2. The LGBT community in recent times has abandoned soft pedaling and have been too “confrontational” in their approach. Mr. Sogunro may have been carried away when he said gay relationships are “secret to the point of non-existent” in Nigeria. Not in recent times.

    3. Society is expected to react when it’s values are being challenged, especially in an insensitive manner, as I suspect is the case these days. An “in your face” strategy by the LGBT community in Nigeria is counter-productive.

    4. Whatever non-harmful things people do to each other in their privacy is their business, but what about the children? Should they be allowed to be caught up in these relationships? Is there need for specific legislation to ensure they are not? I will leave you to decide.

    5. In clarification of (4) above, I do not mean “Anti-Gay” laws, I am in support of leaving the Gays alone. No Act is needed for what I contemplate, just minor amendments to the Children and Young Person’s Laws of various states.

    6. Given the disposition of the older generation and the essentially religious mindset of the nation, this is no time for a LGBT movement that will lead to people getting hurt. Maybe after the older generations are either gone or too weak and old to hold power or at a time when we become less religious, it will be safe for Gay marriages to be considered, but not now.

    7. The present “Anti-gay Act” is a mistake brought about by increasingly open Gay relationships and less. The Act is contrary to human rights policies and simple non-recognition would have sufficed (except where child rights is involved). I completely agree with Ashford Etela above. Yes, Mr. Sogunro, it is not about marriage at all.

    8.In conclusion, the only way to fight the legislation is from a pure Human Rights angle, and many commentators are missing this point.


    • Fabage,

      1. I don’t know if by your #1 point you are suggesting homosexuality is alien to African culture/values. If so, you should know there are documented researches on homosexuality in traditional African societies. (I reference that here in my article on the same sex marriage issue and Nigerian culture: The point of this is, we shouldn’t take the “homosexuality na oyibo disease” approach as it drives us further away from understanding our already, though perhaps subjectively so, distant indigenous cultures.

      2. I do agree with Ayo that homosexuals in Nigeria live in close-to-non-existent secrecy. Knowing those who are homosexuals in our streets, estates, schools, work place, hang out spots etc, does not mean that they aren’t living in secret. How many gay couples do you see kissing in public or unbridledly displaying “same sex amorous relationships” in public. And how often? Public gay marriages, of course, were already non-existent.

      3. It’s sad that we have been positioned such that we talk of our fellow human beings, our fellow souls, as if they are an animal or plant species.

      Check out my article on same sex marriage and Nigerian culture: “Of Public Piety and Private Putrescence: What Does the Anti-gay Law Say About Nigerians?”


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  22. I think we should kill the parents of these people that had the audacity to give birth to gay children (sarcasm). The argument about children getting caught in the middle of a gay relationship is very childish to say the least. Its like saying if you parent(s) are thieves the child is going to growing being a thief. The truth is this law is in bad taste. If you argue against homosexuality from a religious perspective then you are nothing short of a hypocrite. Besides not all of us are into the superstition known as religion predominantly christianity and islam which are the root of Nigerian issues. I say this to say there is absolutely nothing wrong with homosexuality. If you’re not gay, no one is asking or forcing you to be one but you should respect people’s choice to be who and what they want to be as long as no one is being hurt. And how can you dare tell two grown consenting adults who they can and can’t be with?


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  24. A man should not be intimidated by a homosexual. By that I mean, those people who set out to preach “fire and brimstone,” the beating, killing and harassing of homosexuals and lesbians, in most cases are people that fear for a dormant personality that might come forth from themselves. If you are sure about your manhood or womanhood, then you should have no fear of socializing or befriending a person with different intimate preferences than you. The very fear is a confession that if you were to socialize with a homosexual or lesbian you’re afraid you might become a homosexual or a lesbian.


  25. The homosexual often hate it when you use the religoius to justified been against them. Yet, they want the thieves, corrupt leaders, rapists and all other criminals to be condemned. All our laws have their sources from religoius laws and holy books. Thou shall not kill, etc which the law called murder in this country is from the Bible and the Quran. The same law that put homosexual in jail is also from the Holy Books. You can separate religion from our laws. Homosexual, be warn. Sodom and gomarah people, you had better go there so you can be destroyed at once. If you like call it hypocrite, I have said my own.


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  27. Definitely a must-read, thanks for the analysis! Discovered your blog through a friend and will surely recommend it further.

    Just one thing on this “civil union” thing… In France there is a bill that institutionalises a “civil pact of solidarity”. I have friends in France and looked it up in Wikipedia. It is not necessarily a sexual thing, but just an agreement between two aduls that want to organise a joint life.
    It can also be between two elderly ladies that have lost their respective husbands and want to live together and have some of the rights and responsibilities for each other, e.g. common taxation, owning joint property, visiting each other in hospital when under serious medical conditions – which is usually restricted to family members, having a common bank account, inheriting the other’s property).

    This pact in France is something that many couples make use of (5 % homo- and 95 % heterosexual couples) AND it is also used by people who are not necesarily into an “amourous relationship”, but want to solidarize with each other.
    An interesting option to go around the whole religious thing that surrounds the notion of marriage – I mean, it is really something else to save marriage for opposite-sex couples who ARE into an amourous relationship, but a civil union – we would have to talk about if and how we would want such solidarities to be institutionalised – isn’t it?

    Upon all – I would like to ask: If you set up a business with somebody of the same sex – is that not something that is close to a “civil union”?


  28. The government in Nigeria which passed this ‘anti-gay’ law has much to answer for. The shame that they are trying to put on homosexuals is on them. Why should a minority be punished for something they can’t help? The government is asking straight people to act like savages against fellow human beings, including maybe family members and friends. It is creating a climate of fear and unrest. A good government is one that is fair and looks out for those who need help. Nigeria’s government is neither. Shame on those who rule in this land.


  29. Before you all agree totally with Ayo here, I think you should actually go read the bill . It highlighted and explained what it meant when referring to ‘CIVIL UNIONS’ and the likes….. Please people read before running off and just commenting or just agreeing. It still translates to the same problem Nigerians have. Blind Followership


    • I have to reply to this comment so that people are not mistaken: (1.) a judge will interprete “civil union” not as defined on Wikipedia, but as defined in the law.

      (2.) The definition of “civil union” in the law uses undefined phrases that, even if defined in other jurisdictions, are undefined in Nigeria because they are non-existent in the Nigerian legal system.

      (3.) The definition of “civil union” under the law is not closed.

      (4.) Because the phrases used in the definition of “civil union” have no legal meaning in Nigeria (whether for straight or gay relationships), a judge will simply use a literal meaning.

      (5.) A literal interpretation of “civil union” will therefore imply that any kind of relationship, whatsoever, will therefore be criminalised: even if just boyfriends or girlfriends.


  30. Please take out that last line. Its offensive, unnecessary and distracts from the issues raised in your article. Always be conscious that Nigeria is a summation of its citizens, so slapping a label of senselessness on the nation raises the question of whose sensibilities your article is then appealing to.

    Also, the reasoning in your point 5 is quite flawed. The ‘police powers of investigation’ granted by this law do not override the limitations stipulated in s.37 of the Nigerian Constitution (remember, where there is any conflict with our Constitution, the Constitution must still supercede all other laws)

    I agree that the law appears to have been improperly put together (too many loop holes and open ends). It will need revising, but the sensationalism of your article dulls your argument. Indeed, it seems to actually lead you to overlook the obvious in some cases (your point 1 should rather read: ‘The Law Is Not JUST About Marriage’)
    And your point 2 is just totally opposite (where did you get that from?). True, the law may be overreaching, but you’d be biased not to see that IT IS about detering homosexuality. And no no no, your opening statements in point 2 are wrong, wrong, wrong. The The best laws are proactive, else you’re discriminating against the ‘first victims’. Your focus should rather be on the parameters of the law which you often start on, then stray into the dramatic. Also, with regards to section 4(1), if they’re really that ‘secret’ then they won’t need registration, so the section has no power over them, nothing to be afraid of. Any other interpretation is simply conjecture.

    Please note, sensationalism may win points in the courts of public opinion, but you’ll need a little more substance in the courts that really matter. Focus on the actual points objectively, Then you’ll have a good case.

    Thank you.


    • This is an opinion article/satire not a legal document. Don’t start arguments to confuse us laymen. Leave that for your courts. And the last line is still part of the writer’s opinion, and it gives the article a nice ring. Enjoy the literature before you start marking it like an exam paper.


      • Whatever we choose to call it, it has the power to influence thought and as such, it behooves on us all to make certain it does so without embelishing or degrading facts of the matter. It should be constructive and unoffensive. My personal position notwithstanding, the suggestions I gave could actually enable the writer make a stronger argument. I just admonished him to be more attentive in analysing the facts behind his case, which he can still make strongly.
        And if my comments were confusing, I apologize. It was not my intention.


    • On s.37, the whole idea is that the law is unconstitutiona, do you then expect constitutional enforcement?

      On point 1. Have you seen gays married in Nigeria? The law simply has nothn to do with marriage. Nothing.

      On point 2. The jury is still out on whether you can deter homosexuality, esp if it is from birth. Let’s face the truth, we just want to punish gays, we dont care whether its gay by choice (if possible) or birth. We’ve been aching to have scapegoats in Nigeria and we found them.

      As for s.4 (1) Your own argument implies that d law is unnecessary since no gay or even straight person has (or can have) a registered, non marital, union in Nigeria–which is what the article is saying all along.

      Meanwhile, instead of advising Mr Sogunro on how to write his article, best you write a rejoinder instead. I also agree with him that Nigeria doesn’t display sense collectively, and I don’t consider it as an insult to me individually.


      • Not constitutional enforcement, but constitutional limitation. Unless you also believe our constitution cannot supercede this law.

        And I repeat, the best laws are PROACTIVE. That an event has not occurred doesn’t mean you should wait for its precipitation before legislating against it. Google glass hasn’t yet been commercially produced, hasn’t even been involved in an actual accident, yet states in the US have already made laws against its use when driving. You’ll similarly find some futuristic guidelines in the American legal code for things that don’t even exist yet. Proactivity.
        On the ‘punishing gays’ argument, do you really think the Nigerian Police needs a law in order to victimise homosexuals? You think they dont already do it now? If anything, the law is more notable for its stated guidelines rather than its prohibitions (which our culture already frowns at)
        My comment to Mr. Sogunro was my rejoinder. Why create a separate article elsewhere and have readers jumping from one site to the other just to understand my context?


  31. 1. I hate cancer, but does that make me hate cancer patients? I hate d homosexuality , I love homosexuals. they’re human beings too, they just have a disorder.
    2 I don’t believe it should be criminalized, but d propaganda of the gay agenda should be criminalized instead. cos the way they go at it. kinda like they want to force d whole world to agree with them.if only gay people kept it to themselves, would be OK, but they’re pushing even people who don’t hate them but disagrees with their lifestyle against d wall. u voice out ur opinion and they’ll ask for ur head even tho u don’t hate them. I believe what Russia is doing is better go against d gay propaganda.
    3. our government should be bothering themselves about more important matters cos sometimes giving attention to some issues make them bigger but I also wonder Why d government s of US and UK aren’t paying attention to more important issues. NSA spying, and are there not more important issues they can put pressure on our president to deal with? where were they when yerima was doing his thing? Why didn’t they put this much pressure on him? child abuse is more widespread than homosexuality. they now carry this matter on top their head like say you’re demanding for Obama’s balls. if they put pressure on our government this way to deal with more important issues, we’ll say they do well.
    4 what happens to Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Libya, united Arab emirates? Why aren’t they blacklisted? What’s d reason for this duplicity? there are many other countries.
    5. folks who feel like they sound more intelligent cos they’re following d west are simple. in their bid to appear smarter than others they imbibe stupid concepts. it’s a planned thing pushed by some people, and they designed a system to manipulate d masses. it’s working cos they just want u to accept it.
    6. research has shown it. there’s a higher incidence of suicide, depression, drug abuse,HIV, partner violence, alcoholism, STIs, infidelity (their average duration of stay in a relationship is shorter than for heterosexual s), shorter life expectancy among them. if there was a lifestyle or a food that produce all these effects, if a government bans such a product or deter people from such a lifestyle would it be wrong? but now, We’re just saying stop pushing that it’s OK. it’s harmful to d individual and d community as a whole. Lemme tell u d excuse d gay community gave, they said it’s cos they are being discriminated against but in countries where d law favor s them, statistics still similar. what I don’t like is their unwillingness to be helped.
    7 one thing I’ve known is that people don’t practice some things or even give it a thought until u press it hard on them. bombard them with it and they’ll give expression to it. That’s what these guys are trying to do. So a generation of children will be confused and later just start practising it and they adopt d habit and say that is who they are.
    the law to me is senseless but that doesn’t make d lifestyle OK.


  32. Homosexual tendencies are deviant sexual behaviors. Psychologists, even as late as late in the 20th century, acknowledged as much.
    I don’t know about the 21st century. Some people are born with these tendencies but it is not enough reason legalize the unholy act.
    Otherwise we should very well legalize stealing for kleptos and whoring for nymphos. For once let the mistake in the West not
    become a style in Nigeria!
    What gay, lesbians, transvestites etc need are psychiatric care, counseling, love etc. They will be denied these rights if are allowed to openly go awhoring!


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  34. 1. Each time I think about this law I wonder what other sensiless laws our legislators made to entrap the society and promote a state of anarchy and doom in Nigeria.
    2. I also wonder what type of people the majority of Nigerians are? We have no critical thinking minds but quick to castigate those who do as trouble makers.
    3. Since this law got 90% approval of religious Nigerians l see why nigeria could not fight off boko haram because it was God’s will. In essence many or majority of Nigerians seem to be sitting on their brains. It is sad.


  35. been hearing much about this infamous article. Finally read it with an objective mind… I agree with you from where you are coming from, but not necessarily your interpretations of some of the sections of the new bill. For instance, your perceived conflict between Section 5(2) of the Act and Section 37 of the Constitution. The important thing in that subsection is a PUBLIC display, not the directness or indirectness of it. Even those arrested on the suspicion of having committed other crimes e.g murder have to be investigated, and in the process, some details as to their private personal lives have to come out. The burden of proof required to convict a suspect here is proof beyond the preponderance of resaonble doubt, thus the investigating police officer should be empowered to leave no stone unturned in his investigations.
    Bless you.


  36. i have been hearing much about this infamous article. Finally read it with an objective mind… I agree with you from where you are coming from, but not necessarily your interpretations of some of the sections of the new bill. For instance, your perceived conflict between Section 5(2) of the Act and Section 37 of the Constitution. The important thing in that subsection is a PUBLIC display, not the directness or indirectness of it. Even those arrested on the suspicion of having committed other crimes e.g murder have to be investigated, and in the process, some details as to their private personal lives have to come out. The burden of proof required to convict a suspect here is proof beyond the preponderance of resaonble doubt, thus the investigating police officer should be empowered to leave no stone unturned in his investigations.
    And your emphasis on civil union doesnt sound just right to me… I smell sensationalism over objectivity, and an alarming number of commentators seem to be falling for this sensationalism.
    Bless you.


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  39. Okay, I’ve read everything on here. Suppose I agree with the anti-gay people, let’s put gays in jail. That should solve the problem, especially when they’ll end up in a place full of people in the same sex. Even heterosexuals have sex with their kind just to satisfy themselves in prison. Or did you people think they’re gonna be sent to a daycare centre?
    Or spend tax payers money building special prisons. It should be a priority naa…


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  42. Nigeria is violating human rights and this law is rubbish as stated here. It’s based on zero facts and 100% predjudice.

    The equal marriage law provided by the goverment doesn’t take anything away from heterosexual couples. Religious people can have religious marriage and blessings however they wish for while same-sex couples have their legal rights given to them.

    I actually love the power of few LGBT people in Nigeria being so fierce that the whole nation is afraid them. But is non-heterosexual life a threat for the Nigerian culture? No. Killing, raping, harrasing, jailing and abusing your own brother is. The corrupted government providing nothing but poverty to the people is. Raising rape and HIV numbers, as there is a lack of proper sex education or even schooling, are. The poor and sick people having non-existing health and social benefits from the government is. These things have nothing whatsoever to do with gay people!

    In fact, talented, well educated, bright and hard working young minds are now sent to prison. To do what? Not to benefit the society, not to help Nigeria to prosper as teachers, lawyers, doctors, farmers etc. Now these children of straight parents are killed for expressing love or forced to have a fake marriage with your daughter or son. What good is about to come out of this bullshit?

    This message goes to especially for all of you silent bystanders teaching your children to hate their gay brothers and sisters, and all religious people who use religion as a weapon for hate and killing instead of love. Shame on you all!


  43. Thank you Ayo Ogunsoro for another clear message pointing out the stupidity and absurdity of this law (the homophobia was already evident). Come on Nigerians – we need to get rid of this and laws like it.


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