PERMANENT VOTER’S CRAZE | Lyrics by Ayo Sogunro


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LEADER                                                                                                     CHORUS

Love of venison
Is insufficient to make us stoop
And hail the cow as overlord.

But here we are

Misguided gratitude
Is the honour given those who aimed to behead you
For merely knocking-off your cap.

Yet here we are

It’s a hard choice
To trace the footsteps of a thief through a rocky path
Without hiring another thief.

See where we are

You decide:
With patching the garment may last even longer
But those who wait for chance

Will wait a year


Originally posted on The Pontifical Papers:

There is something fundamentally wrong with my car. Some two weeks ago, while navigating my way to the Fashola organized “Valentine Dinner with Buhari”, I knocked off my front bumper. This weekend, on my way to “Meet the President” at Victoria Island, Lagos, a piping in my car’s radiator sprung a leak, consequently the car overheated and I think I blew the gasket. The vehicle had to be towed and I would later spend a fair part of the evening switching between President Jonathan’s painfully tedious chat session with his youths, and my mechanic’s painfully serious attempts at ruining my bank balance. It was as though some metaphysical agent was punishing me for getting involved in political jamborees.

That I consider the presidential chat session subpar is probably more an organizational lapse than a presidential one. Little time was allotted to the discussion and most of it was spent discussing his…

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Originally posted on The Pontifical Papers:

A lot of us Nigerians need lessons in vocabulary development.

It has become quite alarming that the word “fencist”, and its variations, is being brandished as a description for Nigerians who—whether from a lack of conviction in the candidates or a sense of personal privacy—do not show direct or open support for any of the major political parties or their minor tributaries in these 2015 general elections. But, more than just a prejudicial misuse of the originating English idiom, this description is also a grave misunderstanding of the principles of good democratic citizenship.

Every citizen is entitled to a Vote; that is the selling point of democracy. How any particular individual chooses to exercise that Vote is really nobody’s business. There is a day designated for the exercise of the Vote. We call it Election Day. Today is not Election Day. The citizen is not obliged to decide the exercise…

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