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Power Outages– Femi Adesina gets stern rebuke from Nigerian Association of Vandals

The National Association of Vandals (NAVAS) has warned presidential spokesperson, Mr Femi Adesina, against further attempts to blame them for power failures.

In a press conference held yesterday, March 31, in Port Harcourt, Publicity Secretary of the Association, Comrade John Idemudia, noted that this was not the first time Mr Adesina was blaming vandals for the passivity of the Buhari administration. He described the attempts by Mr Adesina to malign the association as cowardly and undemocratic.

NAVAS is committed to the fight against darkness in Nigeria. All of our members are interested in having electricity in their houses and we support the Buhari administration in its efforts to combat this deadly issue.

“We use this opportunity to inform Mr Adesina that we are not Boko Haram. We do not carry out our activities indiscriminately. Our vandalisation activities undergo strict quality control checks to ensure that they affect only the profits of greedy companies and not the lives of ordinary Nigerians.

Mr Adesina’s statements are surprising for a democratically elected government. He talks as though government is doing Nigerians a favour. Even we, as vandals, would never talk to the public in this manner. We think Mr Adesina is dodging the responsibility of his office in cowardly fashion.”


The statement also called on Mr Femi Adesina to apologise to all Nigerian vandals  for his statement. Meanwhile, the President of the association,  Mr Folabi Bamidele has stated that NAVAS was eager to expand its activities across Nigeria once the 2016 budget was signed. “Where would our economy and the majority of our contractors be without the diligent work of vandals in Nigeria?” Mr Bamidele noted.

You can read the full statement as originally published here.


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