Do you have any questions?

In a few weeks, Nigerians will, once again, line up at polling booths across the country to decide their political destiny for the next four years—and beyond.

Naturally, the election season and its attendant fevers have generated an astonishing assortment of promises and counter-promises, accusations and counter-accusations between the political parties and their candidates.

Politics, as usual, has threatened to overshadow policies, and Nigerians are being persuaded—by party loyalists—to vote on sentimental grounds, by religious affiliations, or along ethnic considerations. Some voters, unfortunately, may be swayed by these suggestions, but most Nigerians are keen to vote only for people who are able to respond to their political needs.

But, of course, both major presidential candidates, President Goodluck Jonathan and General Mohammed Buhari, have promised Nigerians everything in the next four years: from the destruction of Boko Haram to a renewed fight against corruption; from the improvement of power supply to the boosting of the economy.

But how feasible are their promises? Have they really indicated their understanding of specific issues? Do you have any questions?

If you have questions, if you are willing to dismiss sentiment and prejudice, if you are willing to consider the candidate’s responses in your choice of the next president, then you can ask your questions by posting these in the comments section below.

Ask questions from the candidates: and we suggest that these should be non-personal questions, non-abusive questions and issue-based questions “through and through”.

We promise to compile these questions and thereafter choose the most serious, curious, intelligent, and reoccurring of the questions for presentation to the major presidential candidates. We will bring you back their responses.

And, from their responses you can make your personal choice.

To join the conversation or get more information, go to www.nigeriansask.com or follow #NigeriansAsk, #Qs4GEJ, Qs4GMB on social media sites.

Meanwhile, let’s get started now: do you have any questions?


This post is courtesy of the Nigerians Ask project team. For more, check www.nigeriansask.com or follow #NigeriansAsk and @Funmilola on twitter.



  1. As President, would you authorize the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation, and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) to cut down and reduce to normal, moderate levels, the outrageous salary and allowances, earned by Political office holders, as have been rightly demanded by Nigerians?


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