THE LAGOS BUS DRIVEN | A few sombre lines by Ayo Sogunro

First, the sweat—which gathering mass in the heat
Doubles up, proportional to the frequency of bus-stops.
Stopping? Pause. You curse. “Driver! Move this thing.”
The syllables short and sharp. It’s always inevitable,
This conflict of interest. The empty seats must be filled
But the filled seats must be moved. “DRIVER! MOVE!”
He heard: bus sways. Left. Right. Left. Tutuola’s drinkard
No self-fault, but co-victim of renegade road contracts.
Oblivious, the conductor’s grand symphony continues;
Names coalesced in swanky gutturals—marijuanised.
Your change. The mind warns. Remember your change.
More sweat: fatigue bristles with the sound of movement.
A slight rustle of the air. You inch forward. Grateful:
Direction is irrelevant as long as you’re progressing.
Then the bell tolls: alight with checks. Phone. Wallet.


6 thoughts on “THE LAGOS BUS DRIVEN | A few sombre lines by Ayo Sogunro

  1. Perfect and true. I like especially the end. The repetition on the sweat is a little lot of emphasis, though. It makes it seem as if that factor is the most damning. It’s a good line if I was reading someone else, but every line of Sogunro’s just makes that kind weak.

    Great piece.


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