[___________] | By Ayo Sogunro

[a first flurry of text] [fingers: at rest] [thinking] [thinking] [someone: “What are you doing?”] [ambient noise fills the evening] [listening] [listening] [inspiration stays displayed on a blank face] [blank words gather with the evening’s pace] [spaces] [spaces] [s p a c e s] [               ] Continue reading


Miscellaneous / The Pontifical Papers


1.      A time comes in the evolution of any country when it becomes necessary for its citizens to take stock of the national affairs and frankly assess the suitability of the men and women who have been empowered as the proprietors of the nation’s undertakings. 2.      This examination is necessary. Continued disinterest … Continue reading


THE LAGOS BUS DRIVEN | A few sombre lines by Ayo Sogunro

First, the sweat—which gathering mass in the heat Doubles up, proportional to the frequency of bus-stops. Stopping? Pause. You curse. “Driver! Move this thing.” The syllables short and sharp. It’s always inevitable, This conflict of interest. The empty seats must be filled But the filled seats must be moved. “DRIVER! MOVE!” He heard: bus sways. … Continue reading