Pictures from Meet Chat Buy Naija Books

Meanwhile, in the literary universe, “Sorry Tales” by Ayo Sogunro gets looked at….


On Saturday 25th of January, we had the first Meet, Chat and Buy Naija Books event hosted by Patabah Bookshops, Shoprite, Surulere. We had such a great time, and the Patabah staff were nearly overwhelmed by the number of people that turned up. Tlsplacer be steady repping. What’s more people bought plenty books. The record was a lady who bought almost Forty Thousand Naira worth of Naija books for herself and her kids. It is proof that Nigerians not only read free Nigerian works online, but are willing to pay for Nigerian Books when they can find them to buy.

Channels Book Club was on hand to cover the event and it was shown yesterday Tuesday at 3:30pm. There’ll be a rerun on Friday at 3:30pm. Many thanks to all the writers that came through. Dimeji Ojo, Ayo Sogunro, Walter Uche, Myne Whitman, HaroldWrites and Folasade. I look forward to having another…

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