THERE’S ALWAYS A JUNCTION | A Warning by Ayo Sogunro

There’s always a junction
Where remnants of the night’s sacrifice
Welcome fast the morning traffic

And there a voice calls from the road
The wail of a lunatic messenger
Crying out his morning dispatch:

“Cursed are your politics
Who stray from Obatala
Lord of mankind and all man’s nature

“Cursed are your vehicles
You who forsook Ogun
Who breathed your machines

“Cursed are your cities
For Olokun is angry
And his aquatic army ranges

“Cursed are you by Sango
For his lightning is dire
And your houses in darkness

“Cursed is your counsel
Ifa withdraws his wisdom
And rots you in ignorance

“Cursed is your harmony
Shattered by Esu
Violent lord of mischief

“Curses on your days
Slaves of alien ways
Ensnared by deceit…”

And the voice fades away
As the traffic deepens
With sacrifices for the day

There’s always a junction
Where lunatic words are shaped
And then flung north and south

Olokun desktop wallpaper

Olokun desktop wallpaper (Photo credit: Barabeke)


7 thoughts on “THERE’S ALWAYS A JUNCTION | A Warning by Ayo Sogunro

  1. “There’s always a junction
    Where lunatic words are shaped
    And then flung north and south”

    And they are still flinging them, running jibberings amok like beckoning decrees!


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