City Lights

The glitz of the City is a lump in my throat
The lights that I dream, the way that I tote.
The sparkling lagoon, a mirror of the sky
The perfumed interior of the car on the fly.
Here lies the pleasure of the springy Palms
The beauty of shopping malls, the eager eye calms.
I have a lover on the arm, a cinema in the dark.
The neon lit screens, a wondrous spark!
Take a look from the window, Odeku Street
Even the dark ladies look clean and sweet,
A trip to your hotel, imperial bliss.
You’ll wake up in the morning with a lingering kiss.
The fast paced walk of the faded day
Gives room slowly to the leisurely way.
This is the night life that I’m happy to feel
The hum of the beaches, the fun and the thrill.
The swelling waters on Kuramo’s shore
Is the siren call to come on midnight tour
Where are the mermaids from the Atlantic?
Here’s a willing victim of the romantic
The city is an oasis of the finest sights
The spell of skyscrapers, the loom of dizzy heights.
The fast flyovers linking from isle to island
Tonight, there’s no going back to the mainland.
There are late nighters nestling in the bars
Locals and foreigners, mingling in the jazz.
Bright laughter bubbles along with the scene.
Theirs is the glamour of town, the pleasures of sin.
The thousand little stars of the wondrous sight.
The lump in my throat, my heart in delight.


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