SheCrownLita |A Melody by Ayo Sogunro

“…her steps were light, but her arm was strong”

There’s always a party at the jazz end of town
In the mix of the night is a flow of tie and gown
But the parties never spike until the entry of the crown
Then the silken voices cheer in one clear refrain:

“Liiita! Liiita! SheCrownLita!”

In the whispers of the day, her presence stirs the air
She dallies in the twitter frays; she has no sense of fear
She slashes left and dashes right; a word here, another there
And when the dust is settled, this is what you’ll hear:

“Litaaa! Litaaa! SheCrownLita!”

The sharp men of the ‘net are wont to trim her size
Have her sword blunted with a roll of their dice
But she’s quick as a gazelle and not an easy prize
Slightly catatonic, they yell out with surprise:

“Liiitaaa! Liiitaaa! SheCrownLita!”

There’s always a party at the jazz end of town
Where she dances the waltz but still acts the clown
Now she’s stately and poised, now she jumps up and down
The sax swells in praise of both her sword and crown:

“Lita! Lita! SheCrownLita!”

mystery woman


37 thoughts on “SheCrownLita |A Melody by Ayo Sogunro

  1. SheCrownLita, I want to be like u when I grow up and have someone pay tribute to me with such glowing words…
    @ Ayo, are u now writing full time? We need it…


  2. Awwwwwwhhhh…………my oh my……….this is so so so cute…….wow!………….captures Shade so well!……..Liiitaaa! Liiitaaa! SheCrownLita!!!!!!!……:D


  3. About the 100th time I am reading again, hoping to find something to criticize… Will check when my excitement is toned. Ayo Sogunro you made my day…. Thanks


    • SheCrownLita is a lot of things not known to many, A code that can never be deciphered, a flick of colours brighter than the rainbow……… You still want a definition?


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  5. Dandy. Just dandy.
    Don’t know her that much, but this piece, with its plethoria of compliments conjure up the image of someone worth knowing, someone worth meeting, and importantly, someone at least ten streets ahead of the crowd.
    Ayo Sogunro is one of the few that inspires me on twitter as he never dissapoints, never.


  6. This is beautiful.
    Shade, you are a very lucky girl. Men rarely put their feelings out there for the world to see. He’s a keeper.
    Mwaaaaaaah!! 💋💋💋💋

    Bravo to Mr Sogunro.


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