It is a commonplace activity these days: blogging. Millions of cyberpages containing words mostly doomed to exist ethereally without being read (amusing thought: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?). Long vanished are the days when words were precious, when writing and reading were privileges. The days of wise, learned and dignified writers.

He was the Michael Jackson of his day

The days when publicly naked men were regarded as teachers and not madmen.

Today, the web is crammed with web pages and blogs and I am responsible for three of these already: my main blog where I blow off accumulated or inspired literary steam; a blog collection of some wacky stories you will love to read; and a more serious academic blog for serious minded folks.

Well, its technically a blog

Wikipedia. I mean, Wikipedia

But, the problem is, those other blogs are content-specific, kind off like an apartheid mosque, things don’t mix up. Well, this is the liberating blog–for me, of course. Its up to you to decide whether you care for another bookmark on your overfull browser.

If you click far back enough...

These days, its just Linda Ikeji for gals and porn sites for guys …

So that’s it…for now. The latest blog in cybertown, folks.

ayo sogunro


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