The Doctors Are On Strike! | A Lyrical Diagnosis by Ayo Sogunro

(For Wale)

What do I know of politics?
I vote at elections—that’s my simple civics
My job is to see that you’re not too sick
Feel up your heartbeat, get things diagnostic
What do I know of Lagos politics?
As far as I can say, it’s a bag of tricks
My only allegiance is to the Hippocratic
When it comes to policy I’m an agnostic

The doctors are on strike! The doctors are on strike!
There’s a rally call! The doctors in combat!

I got my orders to toe the party line
To disobey this call is to pay a heavy fine
Union leaders insisted we strike for doctor’s rights
I’m just a young medic, no time for Union fights
Protests are not taught in colleges of medicine
But the NMA is bigger than my humble opinion
I’m not a coward but there’s a license to keep
So I turn advocate and let my conscience sleep

The doctors are on strike! The doctors are on strike!
The people wonder! The doctors fight back!

Governor F. is a very smart man
He’s got things worked out as much as he can
An expert at setting out his policy plans
We, his employees, are his consistent fans
Governor F. is not a smart politician
And that’s why he tried to fight the doctor’s Union
Then suddenly I’m targeted—a simple physician
I’ve gotten the sack for not practicing medicine

The doctors are on strike! The doctors are on strike!
Things fall apart! The doctors are on sack!

I know someday they’ll have a settlement
Those fat politicians will reach an agreement
Meanwhile I’m out of employment
Guilty of an offence, without intent
I’m under the bridge, I can’t pay the rent
Got no work to do, I’m pounding the pavement
I wonder to myself when they’ll reach an agreement
I wonder what changes they think they’ll implement
But things won’t change, things go where they went
And when they call for doctors, I won’t be present

The doctors are on strike! The doctors are on strike!
The doctors were sacked! But the Union is intact!


Strike Action Causes Crowded Platform


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