A COUNTRY WITH FUNNY LEADERS | An Observation for Occupy Nigeria by Ayo Sogunro

President GEJ is a joker of infinite jest

He “feels our pains” then he went to a feast.

VP Sambo is a great newspaper lover

His budget for news will make you shiver.

David Mark doesn’t mind the salary cuts

Touching his allowances is what really hurts.

Tambuwal, Speaker of the Reps is a big ol’ brute

But when we call a protest, he’s meek, mild and mute.

Iweala is an expert in oppressive economics

But we doubt if she knows much of mathematics.

Mr. Abati used to stone political economists

Now that he’s one, he says we should be realists.

Oshiomole used to be a man of placards

Now he’s afraid we’ll fell his house of cards

Governor Suswam is a well groomed man

Building classrooms is his subsidy money plan

Now that we really need their Tyson skills

Our legislators are silenced by hurried deals

President Jonathan tried to sway us with words

Instead he ended up getting more cursed.

Occupy Nigeria is the people’s fight against big fools

Join in this fight—show you have big balls

There’s no sitting on the fence, there’s no middle ground

Iif you’re not with the people— you let the government win this round

Twenty years from now, the little kids will ask you:

During Occupy Nigeria, Dad what did you do?


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