–where the people reign and the rulers tremble

A rhyme for our Oga, the legislator
Very well known for his tackling drill
They call him “The Tyson Senator”
He bites his colleagues as he goes for the kill
Eager to start the honourable fights
Always on behalf of the ruling side
He’s a champion of allowance rights
And his house in Apo is our local pride
Today, he rides the town in big campaign
With bags of goods and a merry face
We’re happy to receive the imported grain
The fila, the gele and the expensive lace
We can help his aims financially
But this time, not politically!

The people’s workshop for concrete agitation
We decide which man is better for our nation

The President gave a speech last night
He was desperate to show off his plans
How he was going to help with our plight
And convert us to number one fans
We loved our leader, his trademark hat
The goofy smile and the slow motion
He hadn’t done much to get our pat
But his talk and puff deserved the ovation
We were all eager to hear his yarn
And waited till eight with a curious itch
The electricity then took flight at seven
And though we had a gen, we missed the speech
The president may have important news
But our hard-got fuel was for better use

Come into the workshop for concrete agitation
Where the President takes a second position

Don’t forget the Lagos godfather
With the hundred sons and one servant
Life is hard when you are the master
And a single slave can make you rant
This man’s servant was just too bold!
So the boys and their father plotted thick
Who cared for schools, bridges or a road
And socialist hospitals for the sick?
If the work contracts didn’t come their way
Then the hard-worker just had to go.
But the people will have their day
As every godfather comes to know

Join the workshop for concrete agitation
Help to dismantle the grand machination



  1. Ayo u hav written well. Our govt 4rm Federal to local govt are bad. Dey don’t hav d wish of d poor but dere pocket. Dis is d time we say NO to all dis nonsense starting 4rm dis subsidy removal of a thing to all other nonsense including d plate number replacement.


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