4 POEMS | By Ayo Sogunro


The moon doesn’t shine on this city.
The sky is like a darkened glass
Sheeted above overreaching spires.
We stretch out our eyes—rooftops everywhere.
The neon lights are a pale copy
Of nature’s sweeping lucent.

But you and I can steal a retreat
Row across the lagoon beneath the dark expanse.
And hopefully, far away from the gloomy high-rise,
We’ll catch a glimpse of the sweet full moon.


I am the Superman…

No mere mortality equalizes me
for my spirit transcends even the bounds of earth.
Avaunt! The womb, is but a narrow cave
a mere shadow of the deep throne of the grave.
My flesh is survived by the works of my mind.
The power around me is my stride through heaven.
Wherever I go, with me is Paradise.


I know you say that I’ve done my part
But all I stood for rots in the past.
Same old names, new great unknowns
Are now feeding off my bones.
Sure, they name me a few streets,
Schools, stadiums. Tawdry treats.
I don’t even get a minor date
In the calendar for history to relate
The tales of the struggle I went through.
Tell me, what should I construe
From the way things are today?
My bones lie where they lay
But my spirit fleets in dismay.
This is not the way I thought it would be
This is not the future I cried to see
These are not the rulers I died to give
My hopes. These are those who live
Off my sweat. God, how do you forgive?


The troubles of our blood and state
The epic battles we draw in boardrooms
The stands against the flaws of fate
The valiant skirmishes of the bedrooms

With these and more, we sink desperate
Lone stragglers through life’s classrooms
Our pens lie wasted on a blank template
We live on, but the death of the Muse looms…


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