The wedding was a glimpse of upper class glory
Magazines would publish the pictures—a wondrous story
The seven tiered cake could not be beaten
The food consumed was less than that uneaten
The bride was aglow in a flow of white and turquoise
The groom simply was the point of sweet and coy eyes
The love they had gleamed through the golden ring
The passion they shared was a song to sing


Late that night, the groom awoke from a nightmare dream
His wife stood by the bed surrounded by a spectral glow
She stroked her little horns as he suppressed a scream
“Don’t be surprised darling, its high time you know.
Your love struck eyes are opened, you now see the true woman
What you call the weaker vessel is more correctly a box of evils
This is the ageless secret known only to a married man,
Take care and beware, we women are Devils!”


4 thoughts on “A WEDDING PICTURE | By Ayo Sogunro

  1. You are a great writer. However i don’t believe all women are evil and i am sure you don’t either. I also think the kind of marriage you picture is that of a man who is trapped into a loveless marriage. Marriage is a blessing to a man like it is said ‘he who findeth a wife findeth a good thing’. If you ask me I think the guys get the best bargain, a housekeep, washwoman, nanny,cook and of course the marital duties all in one. The truth is depending on where you stand you think the other side gets the better bargain


  2. A young woman full with so much joy,happiness and beauty walks into the hall. Everyone stands and gaze at her,she is the centre of attention. She is filled with so much love and promise and is ready for the huge step.
    An old woman walks into a hall and nobody notices her,she is wrinkled all over and a little bent, eyes weary because of years of tears and worry, tummy bloated,breast sagging mark of child bearing. She looks around and can’t believe she used to be the center of attention. Alas what a 10yr old marriage can do to a woman


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